Friday, October 19, 2012

It's been a long time

Holla! I'm not sure if anyone still view my blog but whatever, I'm just gonna write something today coz I dont want 2012 to end with my previous blog post XD I dont know if I should say this but I guess I wont say it.. well at least not mention the name. Ok so I've read some blog entries of a certain person which I'm very much fond of and she had this weekly update lol. Not sure if I should do that as well but anyway, that's not the point. While reading her entries, I felt like she was just an ordinary teenage girl back then and that there were times where she's so lonely yet determined. I'm glad that she's someone I look up on and I couldn't be more proud and happy for what she's achieved today :D such a inspiring person. Yeah so I can't deny, reading her blog entries really inspired me to update this. It's so dead that I don't know if I can fix it or maybe I'm the only reading the recent posts just because :) it's my blog. I treasure my own writing maybe lol.

Seven months.. ok six months have passed since I last updated and many things happened. I dont think I've met a lot of new people throughout this period/year but I'm certain that I've lost.. or about to lose some of them. It was all good, I'm thankful that I was able to create good memories with all of you. I never wanted to lose or get rid of anyone of you.. all I wanted was to be upright in the choices and actions I've made. You don't have to understand me.. I'm totally fine with it. I just hope that you don't regret the choices you've made that's all.

Well, shall put all this shit behind me and look forward to next month!!!!! Heee~ I can't be more excited. I'm gonna see my favourite people again lol. I've missed them badly. It's not that bad because I've just seen them this year and a few of them 3 months ago XD but I just can't get enough of them T.T I've never been so loyal to anybody before so you know why I'm so attached.

Oh and YEAHH lol I went to Korea (at last) in July. Had a really good experience as I got to see how people there live and so on. Went to Music Core as well.. took the train from Myeongdong all the way to Jeongbalsan, it's more than 1 hour OTL but it's totally worth it. Saw TTS ^^ and other kpop artists as well like f(x), SISTAR, Apink, Suju...and I can't remember anymore lol. And there's this place which I can hardly forget: the Korean Culture Folk Village. You see all those ancient k-dramas, most of them had their shooting there. It was fun tho and I kinda miss Korea now T.T

ps: meh I just finished watching The Moon Embracing The Sun. Hence, this picture lol

pss: I'm glad that you're now here with me :))


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