Thursday, April 16, 2009

[QUOTE] From S♥NE and SNSD~

What do fans think and like/love about SNSD?

Hekkmah13@MY-Smtown: i really love SNSD!!especially funny taeyeon onni and pretty yoona onni!!mianhe i used to hate snsd. T-Tbut you all prove that those haters are wrong!!so now i really love SNSD!!!i want to love snsd forever!!!snsd hwaiting!!!!!!!!!
yokesim@MY-Smtown: Yeah,I'm S♥NE too and im totally proud of that. .well,i love every each one of them.Each one of them are amazingly talentedgirls and my love for them will never fade.But will love them more day by day. I just want to wish SNSD for the best in everythingand i love you all,no matter what. ..and yeah,thanks to Jenn for opening this amazing topic,for us to pour our love for SNSD.
Byul동방신기@MY-Smtown: A hard core S♥NE here ~ i am sooo in love with the onnies ! I like all the unnies ~Msg to SNSD ~ Unnies ~ you are angelic the way you are ~ You guys have an aura that can cheer up my day ~ i love your funny and dorky side ~ Stay the way you are ^^ We love yoU ~ SEO NYO SHI DAE/GIRLS GENERATION FIGHTING ~ Create a new revolution unnies ~We will be supporting you ~

Now what about INTERNATIONAL S♥NE ?

Soy@Soshified: Be proud of yourselves.
LordSOhk@Soshified: Lord SOhk =D living in sydeny in love with SNSD ! mwhahaahomg i think im into snsd too much =-= img onan fial my exma at this rate watching yoonas drama.
TiffanyLOVESYunho@Soshified: snsd is so cute who doesn't love them.
Wendalyn@Soshified: SNSD =D first girl group i ever likes in my whole life
majo@Soshified: can't you see my day is not complete without soshi and soshified?
x1tzc1ndy@Soshified: And then about two months ago, I created my own lil wordpress blog for SNSD
Oreo@Soshified: I’ve been soshified it’s because my heart has been Gee’d by 9 beautiful girls mstar@Soshified: I totally fall in love with Jessica and Taeyeon. Afterwards i became more curious about them and went to their soompi thread. i like fany more than sica now. all thanks to soshi members and fany members for influencing me -0- FANY IS CUTE OKAY !
eeljosh@Soshified i resisted for as long as i could, not wanting to be a conformist, but the charisma ,voices, and character i saw in snsd would not leave me alone.
Rosemarie@Soshified: so by this time, i had already remembered all the girls' names and how they looked like and i fell in love with them.
situponatree*@Soshified: so naturally, I already liked soshi when they came out.
Jingaling!@Soshified: i was amazed by their dancing & how synchronized they were.
GirlGotSoul@Soshified: I did appreciate or love some groups like DBSK, but not as much as I ever loved SNSD.
Sunny <3@soshified: I knew Soshi long before that but that day really is memorable because I became addicted to them -especially to Sunny.
Yuri4ever@Soshified: I start to surf in the net and find out more abt them, they are so pretty,cute and they sang very well.
tazed@Soshified: But yeah I've watched a lot of their stuff and I really really love the girls now so. Go SNSD!!!!
d_S@Soshified: I don't know when i started to like them, but for sure..I love them all..Without realizing it, I feel happy when they are happy, I feel sad when they're sad.And angry when ppl bad-mouthing them..Anyway, I think SNSD will be successful because SNSD consist of pretty, smart, talented girls.Never want to lose them..
Jennyi_jc@Soshified: So that was my first time watching the MV and i was like....OH MY GOD! THEY ARE EXTREMELY HOT AND PRETTY! i immediately fell in love with tiffany lol.

And now the girls?

Yuri: "Gyahhhh~ I'm grateful for my lovely fans! Thanks to you guys it was happiest birthday for me~ *Let's be together, always!*"
Tiffany: "I love you. S♥ne, saranghaeyo."
Jessica (specially to ssf thru sbox): "hello everyone (: its 4 am here in korea and im still not sleeping..thanks for all your support soshified~ ahem! cu!cumbers ahem! pickles! hehe loveyouall S2"
Taeyeon (specially to ssf): "Our precious International site, Soshified!"
Tiffany (specially to ssf thru sbox): "love you all & don't be on too late!!! GOODNIGHT LOVERS(; *"
Tiffany (specially to ssf thru sbox): "MY BIRTHDAY = GIRLS GENERATION'S BIRTHDAY"
Tiffany (specially to ssf thru sbox): "YOU GUYS TOTALLY MADE MY NIGHT*"
Tiffany (specially to ssf thru sbox): "you guys need to take care tooooooooo! PROMISEEEE?"
Tiffany: "Our loving fans, I can't say anything else but to say that we love you. Thank you for always giving us energy and cheering us on. We will try to be more hard working!"
Sunny: "Of course I like both (male/female fans)! But I especially like Unni-fans!"
Yuri: "We, SNSD, will always continue working hard as a response for all the love you have given us. Thank You!"
Yuri: "I feel happy because we can feel our fans' big love for us. Before debut, I was tired just from practicing but being able to stand on a stage and to perform for our fans now makes me very happy."
Taeyeon: "Our Honey, our loving Honey, thank you very much."
Jessica: Let's meet each other again. Why not come watch MuCore tomorrow?
Jessica: I really didn't know we could do it. Thank you fans~
Seohyun: What I really wanted to say is...First, for waiting 9 months with unchanging love~
Sunny: S♥nes sleep early too
Sunny: There is no one in the world are like S♥nes
Sunny: I also waited for our S♥nes
Sooyoung: When I saw you guys holding pink heart balloons, I felt like coming down from the stageand hug each one of you, thanking you guys for everything...
Sooyoung: I really wanted to say something...If I draw a heart over my head, then you guys need to do the same thing~The pink balloons you guys use when you guys cheer for us...
Yoona: Because you guys have waited patiently for us, we were able to practice more and improve our album.
Yoona: Do you guys know that the loud cheer really encourages us? I'm serious...hehe
SNSD: "Thank you all for your support. We couldn't have gotten here without you all. SNSD HWAITING!!!"
SNSD: "We do not have an official fanclub. We would like to take this opportunity to call our fanclub a pretty name called 'Honey'. Our 'Honey', our loving 'Honey', thank you very much."
SNSD: "We are not the fragile or the girls that needs to be protected. We are the girls that can entertain our fans and shout “Cheer up!” We don’t want to give off the fragile-girl image. We want to be the girls that are cheerful, pure and most importantly, girls that can be your friend."

credits: Soshified + MY-SMTOWN

p/s: well i cant be posting ALL the quotes here. As you know, snsd is soo popular that they have tonnes of fans around the world. Those quotes are for real. If you are doubting, just check them out in Soshified and MY-SMTOWN. But just to remind you, you have to sign up in order to view the forums thank you ^^

Tiffany: Let's Go, Soshi! Let's GO!


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