Friday, October 19, 2012

It's been a long time

Holla! I'm not sure if anyone still view my blog but whatever, I'm just gonna write something today coz I dont want 2012 to end with my previous blog post XD I dont know if I should say this but I guess I wont say it.. well at least not mention the name. Ok so I've read some blog entries of a certain person which I'm very much fond of and she had this weekly update lol. Not sure if I should do that as well but anyway, that's not the point. While reading her entries, I felt like she was just an ordinary teenage girl back then and that there were times where she's so lonely yet determined. I'm glad that she's someone I look up on and I couldn't be more proud and happy for what she's achieved today :D such a inspiring person. Yeah so I can't deny, reading her blog entries really inspired me to update this. It's so dead that I don't know if I can fix it or maybe I'm the only reading the recent posts just because :) it's my blog. I treasure my own writing maybe lol.

Seven months.. ok six months have passed since I last updated and many things happened. I dont think I've met a lot of new people throughout this period/year but I'm certain that I've lost.. or about to lose some of them. It was all good, I'm thankful that I was able to create good memories with all of you. I never wanted to lose or get rid of anyone of you.. all I wanted was to be upright in the choices and actions I've made. You don't have to understand me.. I'm totally fine with it. I just hope that you don't regret the choices you've made that's all.

Well, shall put all this shit behind me and look forward to next month!!!!! Heee~ I can't be more excited. I'm gonna see my favourite people again lol. I've missed them badly. It's not that bad because I've just seen them this year and a few of them 3 months ago XD but I just can't get enough of them T.T I've never been so loyal to anybody before so you know why I'm so attached.

Oh and YEAHH lol I went to Korea (at last) in July. Had a really good experience as I got to see how people there live and so on. Went to Music Core as well.. took the train from Myeongdong all the way to Jeongbalsan, it's more than 1 hour OTL but it's totally worth it. Saw TTS ^^ and other kpop artists as well like f(x), SISTAR, Apink, Suju...and I can't remember anymore lol. And there's this place which I can hardly forget: the Korean Culture Folk Village. You see all those ancient k-dramas, most of them had their shooting there. It was fun tho and I kinda miss Korea now T.T

ps: meh I just finished watching The Moon Embracing The Sun. Hence, this picture lol

pss: I'm glad that you're now here with me :))

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finally, You're Here~ (Malaysia, PUT IT BACK ONNNN!)

It was too sudden and it felt like it just happened last night @.@ So the news of Girls' Generation in Malaysia really caught me off-guard and we're only given like 3 days to prepare lol.. Well, it was indeed stressful for me as assignments came piling up and this sudden news wasn't helping at all. But I'm glad that I've made in through :')

Paper message event: "Finally, you're here ♥" carried out by Malaysian SONEs 

Anyway, after going through thick and thin, sweat and blood, pleads and begs, FINALLY.... the girls made it here for the first time in Malaysia! I can't explain how proud I am as a Malaysian SONE. I'm pretty sure that the other sones were like me, especially those who've liked them for a very long time, we all share a common wish and that is for the girls to set their feet in our own soil. And in the end, our wish came true!


I swear, the best feeling was when Tiffany mentioned that. It's like the climax lol. "I will cross the ocean for you.." - Tiffany (For You I Will cover). Yes Tiffany, you did it! You crossed the ocean for me.. FOR US!

YoonTae are so cute ^^

I've not taken enough pictures and these pictures are not good enough :( But they are still view-able? OTL ok I don't know what I'm saying but being at the media zone has its good and bad. Good: You don't have to    get in line and queue since like.. I don't know? 9am? and in the end, scumbag organizer kept reorganizing the queuing spot. It's full of crap. Bad: Well.. when your organizer decided to place the media team behind the golden zone and still expect them to do good coverage for the event. Another bullshit.

Still, I managed to get a few satisfactory shots. I could have taken perfect shots with the 15-200mm canon lens that I've borrowed from a fansite admin through Angel if it's not for some fans who refused to move to their left for just a few steps. Just a few will do, don't stand in front me and block my lens. So basically, Angel, Fanwonder (Anthony), both from and I were sticking together until the last song (Gee).

Jessica was sweating so much ide...

Sunny opppppaaaaaa!! She's stunning, really.

Not sure if anyone knows that SooFany is my guilty pleasure along with YulTi? (I'm a YulSic shipper) Yesss, I'm happy that I got a few SooFany's shots \o/

My best shot of Seohyun I guess? Yeah ^^

Look at them wiping their sweat omggggg the best moment

Pretty sad that I didn't get the chance to take a full group shot of them, let alone shots of individual members :( and Yuri wasn't there due to schedule conflict. It would have been perfect if Yuri's there but..... TIFFANY PROMISED THAT THEY'LL RETURN WITH YURI \O/ ALL HAIL GODDESS TIFFANY AND I TRUST YOU!!

In the end, I was supposed to head to KLIA with cousin Troy and friends to escort them for their departure but under certain circumstances, we're unable to do so. It's ok :D look at the bright side, they will return with Yuri, I believe. By that time, we're gonna be more prepared and more energized to meet them up close lol. Seriously, I guess I looked kind of a mess last Friday and I still can't believe that it happened but well...

The picture says it all :)))

p/s: More pictures on

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Devil's Cry..

First of all, it's Taeyeon's birthday. I'm gonna post my last-minute artwork here in conjunction of this special day.

There's so much emotion when I look at her every time, especially during times where she stood before the crowd, giving out speeches as the leader of South Korea's national girl group. Kim Taeyeon, I'm proud of you, proud to be your sone and I'll always be. Happy Birthday ^^

Seriously, I personally think that I should write more. As in, blog more. I've so many things to say, each day, every time.. even every single minute but I could bring myself to ACTUALLY say them.The contents are always on my mind, playing like a film and it's never ending. I tend to have opinions on almost every single thing I come across in daily life. Well, I think it's pretty normal to have that but as time goes by, I realize that I'm over-thinking. Maybe a little too much.

Now that my sem break is ending, I felt that I've not been using the given free days productively. But come to think of it, is it really what I felt? Or what others felt and expect me to feel? I guess the latter then. Nobody actually complain about it in a serious way right into my face but I'm not dumb. I'm just pretending that I'm dumb and didn't know that you're dumber for thinking that I'm really that dumb and oblivious the whole time. Ok sorry, let's just put it this way. I'm pretending to be oblivious because I can't and I don't want to put up with any shit. I just want to live in my virtual world, while I have time lol. Nahh it's just that, I couldn't be bothered.

Well.. I don't see this post going anywhere though :/ I just feel like writing because I can, because this is my blog :D LOL wth no. It's because.. when I'm alone, especially during this hour, I tend to think more than usual. I could have written more but since this is going nowhere and I'm pretty contented because I've written..something, which I've not done in a long time, then I guess I'm gonna stop.

Oh and before that, people have been saying that I'm "weird" these day.. a lot. From my friends to my family. Ok I just wanna say, I'm a human being, just like all of you . I'm no different from you guys, I just act or think differently, that's all. If you understand my words, you'll understand the picture below.

Have a nice day (:

Thursday, January 12, 2012


A cute note from Jello aka (er can't reveal real name here) all the way from LA!
lol it's a shot.

Not sure whether to be happy or not :/ My last year of being a teenager? NAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW but I'll still act as one next year :D

It's my first year of celebrating birthday away from family and the feeling is of course, not very nice :( But I've come to realize that this is a phase of growing up and I am growing up ^^ So yeah, there are gonna be many more birthdays without family starting XD

If given time, I would mention each and everyone who've wished my "happy birthday" but I guess this time round, time is not on my side. I'm rushing to type this because I'm going out soon, for some assignment and I'm afraid that I can't be back before 12AM T.T

SO...... THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO'VE WISHED ME! I'm thankful and the wishes mean so much to me :))

Thanks to bestie Sha-nisse for making an effort to create this awesome birthday video! I love you and you know it! You just made me tear up watching it T.T why do you always do this to me :'( making me cry on my birthday. I can't thank you more, you're indeed the best friend that I've ever come across in this universe ^^ JenNisse is real~ And your birthday post is always ♥

Next, thanks to Kalnet for his awesome video lol and IT'S YULSIC!! GAHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH! Really appreciate it ^^


Lol a bunch of course mate literally played me out! Instead of doing our assignment, they threw another surprise T.T truly touched. And the did this! Birthday messages on mounting board! LOL we FCM students are expert at buying mounting boards already lol.

Wait did I just said birthday without family is not that nice? LOL Scratch that! It's equally awesome! Thanks to Cecilia, Zhuan Han, Swee Li, Bibiana, Zee Ruey, Michelle, Grace, Chia Ling, Joel, Vincent, KC, Kenny, Dewei and Garfield! You guys are so fun to be with ^^

And you who called me because you forgot about my birthday for awhile, I'm proud to have wasted your credit :D lol thanks for calling.. it made up my day ^^ Love you lots!

Thanks so much guys! I'll grow up ^^


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Can I just go back in time?

It's been one week. Exactly one week ago, I was stuck in the Causeway (because it was Saturday), trying to get into Singapore for the press conference and the 2nd night of the concert. I could still remember that I was on the verge of going to the toilet and was tired at the same time but I couldn't take a nap in the car because I don't want to wake up and find my pants wet in others' country. It'll be so embarrassing that I couldn't even put it in words lol.

So I'm going to write a fan account? Or something like that haha.. Well, there isn't much to write for the first night because I was in the mosh pit (Pen A) with other sones, screaming our lungs out and cheering for the girls whole-heartedly.

There was this time when I was holding up mysone's cheering banner during My Child. God damn it, I was so close to the stage with Kei and my sis lol. We just got lucky I don't know how so yeah, we're so close to them. Tiffany was waving so beautifully with her eye-smile to peeps in Pen A (I can even see her armpit *coughcough*). Then the boat moved along until Yuri was in front of me. Gorgeous. She simply looked at the cheering banner that I was holding and then looked down at me and BAM! Our eyes met... That moment... I felt like my soul has just drifted to the heaven. It took me a while to digest the incident and when I snapped back to reality, the boat went to the center of the stage already lmao.

These are the cheering banners ^^

Then there was this part, I can't remember which song but it was during the end of their concert already I guess. I spotted Jessica at the left side of the main stage so I dashed to the front but unfortunately (not quite), she was kinda lost there. She looked doubtful, at first. I didn't know why and she arched her brows, talking to the staff at the side. Well, I couldn't see the staff of course but it must be some concert staff she was talking to unless she was talking to herself. Ok anyway, back to the story. I thought she was going to the back of the stage after talking to the staff and my heart fell as it screamed (inside), "JESSICA WHAT THE HELL?!! NO YOU DON'T GO BACKSTAGE WHEN I'M HERE, RIGHT BEFORE YOU, WATCHING YOU!" lol but she didn't. It turned out she was actually asking the staff (about the timing I guess) when will the firework ignites lol. Then came the fireworks (I was taken aback too as I didn't know there'll be fireworks lol), she was so cuteeeeeeeee!! You guys surely know that Jessica is afraid of fireworks right? I WITNESSED THAT! I can't remember if she shrieked but she obviously was frightened by the fireworks and her expression was.. gosh. Indescribable and I witnessed it with my own eyes T.T

Then came the second day ^^ I'm gonna remember this day (10.12.2011) for the rest of my life. It's.. ok how do I explain this? I felt honored, exclusive. Yeah.. because I got the chance to meet them up-close, and being in the same room with them for like 15-20 mins? Yes, that.

I was standing at the left side with other photographers and I got lucky (again) so I was able to stand at the front row. The moment they emerged from the backstage.. gosh.. I was truly stunned. I felt like.. you know, the goddesses have just came down to Earth, being in the same room with me! It was a formal event as everyone just clapped (nothing more than that) and I followed along. My camera immediately went on bursting mode, taking pictures of the girls non-stop. Ok well, I stopped a while actually, to cherish the moment and to just look at each and everyone of them carefully.

I tried so hard to not appear like a fan but my I guess my clothing betrayed me haha. I was wearing a mysone t-shirt and a Fany bias wristband. So I stopped to look at them and then Sooyoung seemed to notice me. She was in front of me omfg she's so gorgeous I'm gonna cry a river T.T Her eyes were so beautiful and her smile.. her cheekbones gahhhhhh!! Ok so I waved to her, and she smiled back! before turning away to another side. DAMN I FELT LIKE I WAS GOING TO DIE AND THANK GOD I'M STILL ALIVE NOW, TYPING THIS.

Then when the girls were settled down, emcee started to throw in questions and so on. I continued what I was supposed to do, taking pictures (plus stopping at some moment). Tiffany then looked at my side and she seemed to be looking at my shirt (?). Like what the hell? TIFFANY?! Look into my camera instead, gdi. Then when I got out of the press conference room, I realized that she wasn't looking at my shirt. She was actually looking at the Tiffany's badge that was attached to the strap of my camera bag, which was in front of my shirt OTL

Tiffany bias wristband that I wore during both days

The middle one was the badge that was attached to my camera bag

I wanna thank a bunch to the organizer, Running Into The Sun for issuing us a pair of media passes to review the concert. This time, during the 2nd night, I was sitting at the terrace right above Pen C with Troy and Soshified's staff. If people were to ask me, which night is better? I couldn't answer this because it's different in terms of the view. The first night was better in terms of the close-up views and watching all the little gestures done by the members while the second night was better in terms of getting a full view of the choreography and the happenings on the stage + them playing around with each other.

A picture a took secretly with my phone during Oh! for memory T.T

A picture of a part of the pink ocean. Again, with the crappy camera of my phone heol~

The fan event during "Complete" was very successful. Everyone was touched T.T even the girls too. Tiffany even asked us to help up the fan message once more and she added, "Sones make So Nyuh Shi Dae's lives complete too ^^" EPIC.

Fan message for the event

Well I guess that's all? I think things like Tiffany and Sooyoung saying they love sones more than chili crabs, pretend last song etc you've read it on Twitter or somewhere else before this.

p/s: More pictures of the press conference can be found HERE (you need to be a registered member to view btw)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Home where I wanna be right now, at this very moment, when everything falls apart. I miss them..

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Girls' Generation's 3rd Album, "The Boys" concept pictures

It's been a long time since I last updated about SNSD in this blog XD. Sorry I can't help it, I just have to this for this time. Long awaited comeback.. you don't know how much we pink peeps miss them T.T This will be their FIRST Korean comeback in 2011. COME ON, SUPPORT!

Before that, we received rumors of their comeback concept:

- Taeyeon : Snow White
- Jessica: Swan Princess
- Sunny : Cinderella
- Hyoyeon: Thumbelina
- Tiffany: Mermaid
- Yuri: Red Shoes
- Sooyoung: Tangled (Rapunzel I suppose)
- Yoona: Beauty and The Beast
- Seohyun: Snow Queen

The first concept picture was released on the 26th of September and it's none other than SNSD's very own leader, Taeyeon. Ok the Snow White concept is accepted. No doubt, Taeyeon is as white as porcelain Snow White and look at her hand, she's holding a poisoned(?) apple haha. I kinda like the concept actually.

Sunny and Hyoyeon's teasers were released a day after Taeyeon's. In contrast of Taeyeon's Victorian style, the teasers of this duo turned out to be more colorful and striking? Haha that's what I think.

Cinderella? But some did associate her with their obsession HERE
Thumbelina accepted. The hair... and color..

The following day, SM released 3 teasers (Tiffany, Sooyoung and Jessica) compared to the previous time which went by 1 and 2.

Oh well.. Indeed Mermaid. I don't think I can look at Ariel the same way again. I'll think of the gorgeous girl above OTL

So at that moment, this was by far the "best" teaser according to some. Yeah she's very pretty here, her hair, her shoulders, dress.. everything is perfect. Kinda reminds me of their photoshoots for magazines.. really. Tangled? Yeah look at the black translucent cloth tied around her.

Oh my Jessica... I can't help but LOL when I first saw the picture. What's that? Swan Princess? But PIGEON IS NOT A SWAN! and her hair.. I just cant. Jessica, I love you.

The last batch of teasers were released this morning, as usual, when I was asleep. The triplets of SNSD, Seohyun, Yuri and Yoona looking gorgeously different from their previous concepts as well.

Snow Queen. Yeah but wth is a Snow Queen? Or is she the mother of Snow White? Seohyun is the mother of Taeyeon? HAHA but nevertheless, she looks amazingly beautiful here.

Tbh, I dont know what to feel about this. Yes I see red shoes.. or heels there so your rumored concept is right. The hair.. omg Yuri can you go to the hair saloon with Jessica?

One word: Perfect. But well, I see no Beauty and The Beast concept? Is she supposed to be Bella? Or the villain (what's his name?) who attempted to kill the beast? What's with foil? Anyway, Yoona's concept picture gotta be my favorite. My wallpaper now.

Sorry I've been pretty sarcastic.. or very sarcastic while commenting on their concept pictures. I can't help, I'm like this but that doesn't mean I'm gonna ditch them XD I'm a Sone and my expectation towards anything has just gone higher. Overall I think the concept is ok.. though I don't know what is the message that SM is trying to convey.

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